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ViSalus Products® Nutrition Facts


Body by Vi Questions on Pregnancy and Supplementing: Nutrition Facts Audrey Sommerfeld, Visalus VP of Marketing responds to a question that came from a Nurse Practitioner who asked me, “…do you know if the products are safe for use during pregnancy/lactation? Due to possible risks and liabilities…probably not recommended, right. Also, the MD referenced, but with the soy product, is this safe for use in those with a history of CA…more specifically BrCA (or familial history)? …or probably same “fine print” cautions, etc?” Audrey: I will answer a few questions, and then add on a copy of an email that Dr. Seidman had sent to a health care practitioner that asked good questions about supplementing. Hopefully this helps. The shake is fine for pregnant and lactating women to get added nutrition. We don’t recommend that they try to lose weight though as the baby needs the calories. This is why we don’t recommend Vi-Trim or Vi-Slim as babies don’t need hunger control or metabolism support. Neuro is low caffeine, but it depends on if the woman wants that or not. Vi-Pak – omega, multi are fine. the other two should talk to their doctor (see below). Cookie is fine too. … Continue reading

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